“For over a century the John Innes Foundation has been supporting research into, and the teaching of, plant science. Its contribution has been remarkable and it’s commitment unflagging. Now it plans to do even more.”

Peter Innes, Chair of the John Innes Foundation Trustees


The John Innes Foundation (JIF) is a charity dedicated to the better understanding of plant science and to the encouragement and education of those involved, or wishing to become involved, in its study.  These objectives remain unchanged since its establishment in 1910.


“The wisdom of of John Innes Foundation Trustees in investing in good agricultural land in close proximity to the JIC has underpinned the ‘road-testing’ of new ideas and technologies”

Professor John Snape








John Innes Foundation (JIF) is an independent charity (registered Charity No. 1111527) and a company limited by guarantee (registered no. 5574485).