The John Innes Foundation

The John Innes Foundation is a charity dedicated to advancing plant science, horticulture and related subjects.


We achieve this by funding or supporting:-

These objectives have remained unchanged since our establishment in Merton over a century ago, in 1910.

“For over a century the John Innes Foundation has been supporting research into, and the teaching of, plant science. It’s contribution has been remarkable and it’s commitment unflagging. In 2018 we plan to do even more, by distributing over £1,000,000 to a variety of projects.”

Peter Innes, Chair of the John Innes Foundation Trustees

“The John Innes Centre has benefitted enormously over many decades through its association with the John Innes Foundation.

Currently, the John Innes Foundation provides substantial funding to support a flagship PhD Rotation Programme through which the John Innes Centre is able to attract the best and brightest students from around the world. Graduates of this long-running programme now occupy senior positions in the academic, commercial and public sectors globally. 

The John Innes Foundation also provides support for career development through the John Innes Centre at all levels: from the Women of the Future scheme (aimed at high school girls who might need confidence to pursue a career in science), through to support for our undergraduate summer school and sponsorship of the high-profile independent Chris J Leaver research fellowship. 

John Innes Centre employees benefit through contributions from the John Innes Foundation to the John Innes Society, as envisaged in the original bequest of John Innes.

The recreational amenities supported by the John Innes Foundation are hugely appreciated by our staff, and contribute enormously in making the John Innes Centre a very special place to work.”

John Innes Centre Director – Prof Dale Sanders